Encounters and Adventures FAQ

What do trips include?

All our trips include accommodations, transfers as needed, some meals and activities relevant to the theme of your trip.

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Do trips include flights?

International and local flights to and from the trip location are not included.


I want to host a trip, what do I do?

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What types of tours and excursions are provided?

These will vary from trip to trip and are customized by our Elite team and topic expert hosts. Before you book you will be able to check the trip itinerary to see everything that is happening while you stay.


Is food included?

This also varies from trip to trip, but most will include a minimum of 2 dinners and hotel provided breakfast each day. All dietary & allergy information will be collected when the trip is confirmed to ensure that you are taken care of.


Is a down payment required?

A 25% deposit is required at the time of reservation. This is fully refundable until your spot is confirmed at which time it becomes non-refundable. We will notify you as soon as your spot is confirmed. The balance will be charged 60 days prior to the trip start date with 5 business days to pay before you are in jeopardy of losing your spot and your deposit. If you book within 60 days of the trip, the full amount will be due at booking.


What is the cancellation policy?

Once you provide your deposit, you can cancel risk free until the time your spot becomes confirmed. Once your spot is confirmed the deposit is non-refundable and you will lose this if you cancel. Once the full amount has been charged and is paid, the payment will be 100% non-refundable.


When will my spot become confirmed?

This depends on the demand for the trip. The faster a trip books up, the faster the whole trip becomes confirmed and you will receive a notification of confirmation within 72 hours of the trip being confirmed. This can take a couple of days or a couple of months, but your deposit is fully refundable until the trip and your spot is confirmed. It is recommended that you only look to book your flights once your spot is confirmed.


What are accommodations like?

Accommodations vary trip to trip! From glamping to hotels, it really varies depending on the theme. We never stay at hostels or hotels below 3 stars. We strive to create a once in a lifetime experience on each trip.


How many travellers are on each trip?

There will never be more than 20 travellers on each trip. In order to create a more personal experience, we feel it is important to keep group sizes smaller. A group of 20 usually allows us to book entire tours or venues and have the place to ourselves without the threat of over-crowding.


What does flying in and out look like?

Trips will always fly into the largest airport closest to the destination of your trip. You will want to fly to this location to take advantage of the trip provided transfers from the airport to the hotel but this is not required.


Where do I meet everyone?

A complete and detailed itinerary will be delivered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your trip start date which will include all the hotel information and airport transfers. We will also invite everyone to a WhatsApp group to meet the other travellers and exchange information. We also have the option of providing zoom meetings for different time zones to go over any questions people have.  All trips will have an intro and welcome dinner to really kick things off!


Who am I rooming with?

Unless the itinerary lists otherwise you will sleep in a shared accommodation with a private bathroom. If you are travelling as a couple or with a friend, simply indicate their name in your booking request. If you would prefer not to share a room, we will provide a single supplement option when booking.


Do I need to travel with someone?

Absolutely not! Part of the experience is meeting like-minded people to share in your passion, travel the world with and create unforgettable memories between.


When will there be a final itinerary?

A full and detailed itinerary including hotel and transfer details will be available a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the trip which will provide all necessary travel information. Hotels can change based on group size and availability at the time of booking so we will send out a completed itinerary when we are sure of all the details. The itinerary will also include a list of things you might want to consider bringing with you.


What about Passports, Visas, and Insurance?

You will be responsible for your own visas and travel insurance unless otherwise stated. You must bring a passport that doesn’t expire for at least 6 months after your return date.


Who manages the trip while we are there?

There will be a member of the Elite team there to help ensure that the trip runs smoothly and to liaison between tour guides, hotels, and our guests. Each trip has a host who is an expert in their field to assist and teach while you are there. The attending Elite team member will reach out to you personally when your payment is made in full to introduce themselves and go over any questions you might have.

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Will there be downtime?

Yes, but the amount will vary from trip to trip, but we feel that it is important to experience the destination on your own terms as well as group led experiences.


What if I have more questions?

Fill out the contact form below and someone will be in touch as soon as they can to help you!